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Moxzilla Cthulhu

Company Comedienne

Laura found Moxzilla Cthulhu--AKA Moxie--running around in the middle of the road, trying to hitchhike. Laura immediately scooped Moxie up, took her home, bathed her, and spent the next year potty-training her.

Moxie enjoys shredding and eating paper products (she calls it digestive crafting), playing fetch, rolling in deer poop, challenging the cats to duels, then running away yelping when they accept. She's is incredibly smart and fun to train. Moxie is the funniest dog Laura has ever met and makes people laugh wherever she goes. She has completed Good Dog 101, Good Dog 201, Trick Dog 101, and is currently training in agility.

Moxzilla Cthulhu
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