About Us

Laura Fennell, owner

Laura has always loved dogs. She trained her first dog Nikita in obedience at thirteen and, in adulthood, went on to train and compete with her dogs in agility. When faced with severe reactivity in her dog Scout, she re-focused on reward-based, practical, pet dog training and behavior. Learning how to help Scout led to a great deal of growth as a trainer and set Laura on her current path of using reward-based training.  This led her to apprentice with a local pet dog trainer and attend several training workshops and seminars. Laura was also fortunate to adopt an extremely shy and fearful dog, Lola, who helped Laura to develop her skill-set in a different area—helping dogs overcome their fears and develop self-confidence.

Laura brings her personal experience and professional education to bear in helping the owners of both shy and reactive dogs better understand and help them. With all dogs, she prioritizes improving the owner-dog relationship and finding ways to bring the fun into training for both people and dogs. Laura enjoys coaching people to become better dog trainers. In May 2021, Laura successfully completed the requirements to become an AKC-approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She is currently working toward satisfying the requirements to re-attain the Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) certification. Laura enjoys live with three dogs: Olive, her chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, her border collie Harper, AKA Tequila Mockingbird, and Moxie, AKA Moxzilla Cthulhu-a teensy Westie mix.

Laura began pet sitting in 2013, after her son Lincoln was born. Pet sitting offered Laura the opportunity to connect with dogs and cats in a much simpler, relaxed way, which suited the life of a new mom with senior pets at home. Since adopting her border collie Harper, however, her focus has shifted back to dog training. Laura discontinued pet sitting and dog walking in July 2021 to devote herself fully to dog training.

Laura loves cats too. A next-door neighbor gave her and her husband JP their first cat, Evinrude, a character of an orange tabby. Shortly after Evinrude, there came Ethan, another orange tabby. Evinrude and Ethan lived with Laura’s family happily for eighteen years. The current cat in charge of the Fennell household is Astrid, a sweet, lovable tuxedo cat. Her apprentice is Giles, a black cat whose hobbies include knocking things off tables and psychologically torturing border collies.