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Private Training

We offer private training to help clients address common behavior problems. We use relationship-based training and management strategies that are kind to dogs and people, to successfully integrate your dog into your family life.


We start with an initial consultation to gather information, understand your and your dog's needs, and work with your dog. We then develop a training strategy that may include additional training sessions.


All private training begins with an initial consultation lasting 60-75 minutes.


This initial consultation is $75.

Based on the training needs identified in the initial consultation, we decide together if additional private training sessions are needed, and if so, the number and schedule. Private training sessions typically last one hour. Session time is spent both on training the dog and educating and counseling the owner on sound training and good management.


The following is the pricing for individual training sessions and multiple training session packages.

1 private training session = $70

2-session package = $130

4-session package = $240

Reactive and Shy Dogs

We love working with both reactive and shy dogs.


We help you to improve your reactive dog's behavior on leash, around other dogs and help you to develop successful management strategies for your reactive dog.

We work with you to build your shy dog's confidence out in the world and with new people. We help you to understand your dog's perspective so that you become their trusted support person as they overcome their fears and worries to become your confident companion.


We love to work with training and dog sports enthusiasts to troubleshoot and overcome challenges and improve your training mechanics.

Harper lies down inside an agility tunnel with her toy.

Get Started

For more info, email

To set up a training consultation complete this New Client Form, and we will follow up with you by phone to talk about your training needs and goals.


Artie and Simone loose-leash-walk on either side of Melinda.
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