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Private Training

Our approach to dog training is to lead with empathy and a science-, evidence-based framework to help people improve their relationships with their dogs.


Laura helps clients develop realistic behavior expectations for their dogs and then realize those expectations. She likes to emphasize enrichment as the big picture and training within the context of that because a dog who has all their enrichment needs met is a better-balanced dog--emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally.


Our private training clients start off with an initial consultation so we can gather information, understand your and your dog's needs, and begin training. We then develop a training strategy that may include additional training sessions.


All private training begins with an initial consultation lasting 60-75 minutes.


This initial consultation is $75.

Private training sessions typically last one hour. 


The following is the pricing for individual training sessions and multiple training session packages.

1 private training session = $70

2-session package = $130

4-session package = $240

Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier lying on the floor, grinning

Schedule a consultation

To set up a training consultation complete this New Client Form, and we will follow up to set up a phone call to chat about your training needs and goals.


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