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Harper Lee

Training Assistant

Harper co-founded Fuzzy Matters with Laura. She has also been called the best advertising for Fuzzy Matters Dog Training because of her great manners and sweet nature. She is also a rock-star class demo dog, a bomb-proof Canine Good Citizen test dog, and the belle of every play group.

She successfully passed the Canine Good Citizen test in 2021 and her goal for this year is to earn her Community Canine and Urban Canine Good Citizen. She doubtless would already have had those titles if Laura was more goal-oriented. (Harper is trying to help in that area.) She also enjoys dog agility, disc dog, dock diving, swimming, hiking, cat herding, training, training, and also training.

Harper's origin is a mystery. She was wandering loose in Southwest Austin for weeks until she was finally caught and adopted out to Laura by Viva Perros Dog Rescue. But as far as Laura is concerned, she is simply an amazing gift from the Universe.

Harper Lee
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