Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Fuzzy Matters is happy to offer pet-sitting and dog walking by Robin McAlpine. We are lucky to have this kind, ultra-responsible pet professional taking care of our client dogs and cats.

Pet sitting and dog walking services are as follows:

Dog Walking:

Offered 7 Days a Week


30-minute dog walk -- $25

45-minute dog walk -- $30

60-minte dog walk -- $35

15-minute pop-in potty break -- $20

Pet Sitting

We care for both dogs and cats. For cat-sitting, we require a minimum of one daily visit. (It can be a pop-in.) For dogs, we require a minimum of two daily visits, but recommend three (A bedtime pop-in visit can help your dog make it through the night comfortably.)

30-minute pet visit -- $25

45-minute pet visit -- $30

60-minte pet visit -- $35

15-minute pop-in visit -- $20

We do not charge additionally, per pet. But depending on the number of pets and tasks required per visit, we may estimate (or discover through experience) that a longer visit is required. In these cases, booking longer visits may be required.

Meet Robin and set up service.

If you would like to set up dog walking or pet sitting service, we will schedule a client consultation and meet-and-greet with Robin. Existing clients can request services through the portal or email at New clients, please use the "New Client Form" to request service--we will follow up with you!