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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Fuzzy Matters is happy to offer pet-sitting and dog walking by Josh Levy. Josh is a kind, ultra-responsible pet-care professional who loves taking care of dogs, cats, and the occasional bearded dragon.

Dog Walking:

Offered 7 Days a Week


30-minute dog walk -- $25

45-minute dog walk -- $30

60-minte dog walk -- $35

15-minute pop-in potty break -- $20

Pet Sitting

We care for both dogs and cats. For cat-sitting, we require a minimum of one daily visit. For dogs, we require a minimum of two daily visits, but recommend three. (A bedtime pop-in visit can help your dog make it through the night comfortably.)

30-minute pet visit -- $25

45-minute pet visit -- $30

60-minte pet visit -- $35

15-minute pop-in visit -- $20

We do not charge per pet. But depending on the number of pets and tasks required per visit, we may estimate (or discover through experience) that a longer visit is required and adjust your services accordingly.

Josh kneeling beside Badu the Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Set up Service

To set up dog walking or pet sitting service, schedule a client consultation and meet-and-greet. To set up a consultation and meet-n-greet, complete this New Client Form, and we will follow up with you.


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