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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Fuzzy Matters is happy to offer pet-sitting and dog walking by Josh Levy. Josh is a kind, ultra-responsible pet-care professional who loves taking care of dogs, cats, and the occasional bearded dragon.

Dog Walking:

Offered 7 Days a Week


30-minute dog walk -- $25

45-minute dog walk -- $30

60-minte dog walk -- $35

15-minute pop-in potty break -- $20

IMPORTANT--June 1, 2024 to October 1, 2024, we will not offer dog walks between 9 am and 5 pm.


We will instead offer enrichment visits, customized to your dog. Enrichment visits include the opportunity to potty outside at the start and end of the visit. During the visit, we will spend time with your dog inside doing activities they enjoy from the following options:

  • Training games: We can train your dog to do tricks.

  • Indoor Sniffari: We hide delicious treats in an area of the house for your dog to sniff out.

  • AKC Fit Dog work-out: We bring the fitness equipment and give your dog an in-door conditioning session, according to the AKC Fit Dog class curriculum.

  • Client choice: You know your dog best. What would they most enjoy doing?

Pet Sitting

We care for both dogs and cats. For cat-sitting, we require a minimum of one daily visit. For dogs, we require a minimum of two daily visits, but recommend three. (A bedtime pop-in visit can help your dog make it through the night comfortably.)

30-minute pet visit -- $25

45-minute pet visit -- $30

60-minte pet visit -- $35

15-minute pop-in visit -- $20

Late Booking service fee -- $5 added per visit for trips booked within seven days of the start date. (Effective May 1, 2024)

We do not charge per pet. But depending on the number of pets and tasks required per visit, we may estimate (or discover through experience) that a longer visit is required and adjust your services accordingly.

Josh kneeling beside Badu the Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Set up Service

To set up dog walking or pet sitting service, schedule a client consultation and meet-and-greet. To set up a consultation and meet-n-greet, complete this New Client Form, and we will follow up with you.


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