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Good Dog 101

This 6-week class focuses on building a foundation for a great relationship with your dog, as well as practical training to take the habitual struggles out of daily life.


We cover basic manners training: sit, lie down, come when called, leave it, wait, greet people politely, go to your place (station training), wait. We also lay the foundation for polite leash walking. Dogs get to navigate beginner agility obstacles—jump, tunnel, and tilt plank—and different platforms for confidence building. 

We also have new canine enrichment-focused content: Weekly canine enrichment homework exercises explore enrichment and how it contributes to happier, behaviorally better-balanced dogs. At-home exercises guide students through building meaningful enrichment into their dogs' lives, and equip students, upon class completion, with a practical individualized enrichment profile for their dogs.

Schedule: Thursdays @ 7 PM


Location: Wikazri Canine Sports Field


Prerequisites: Dogs must be able to share space safely with other dogs and people.

Lisa kneels beside her dog bug, holding a treat in front of him.



Start Date

May 25th

Your Instructor

Laura Fennell

Laura Fennell
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