Group Classes

Our reward-based training classes are focused on fun. While we offer a general training class that instills dogs life skills and prepares students for the Canine Good Citizen test, we also offer a great variety of recreational training classes. In our classes, people and dogs enjoy learning new skills in a relaxed, supportive environment.

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Canine Good Citizen Classes


Our Canine Good Citizen class focuses on basic training and manners. It covers all the elements included in the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, including the following:


  • sit

  • down

  • stay

  • coming when called

  • loose-leash walking

  • polite stranger greeting

  • accepting handling and grooming

  • and self-control around distractions and other dogs. 

There are no pre-requisite training requirements for this class.

We also train dogs to send to- and stay on a station. Station training is useful in and of itself, but we leverage this training for many of the other behaviors we teach in this class. We use Cato Boards and Planks in this class.


Students have the option of buying a class package that includes a Cato Board for an additional $60 so that you can use it for training at home in between classes--our recommendation! We will buy back your Cato board at the end of class if you decide not to keep it. (We love them and know that we will put them to good use for another student!)

Students in the CGC class are provided the opportunity to take the CGC test after the end of this 5-week class. (Cost for one test included in the cost of the class.)


Class + Cato Board = $235

Class without Cato Board = $175

CGC class Schedule

CGC Classes @ The Watering Bowl - Austin

Fridays @ 9:30 am

Starts January 28

Saturdays @ 9:30 am

Starts January 29

CGC Classes @ Wikazri Canine Sports Field

Tuesdays @ 10:30 am

Starts February 1.

Disc Dog!

A goal of Fuzzy Matters is to provide the resources for people to play disc with their dogs. We offer a disc dog foundation class and we are also working with interested disc doggers in South Austin to start a new disc dog club to facilitate meet-ups and other fun, family-friendly disc dog activities.


Armadillo Disc Dogs
We meet every other Saturday at Wikazri Canine Sports Field. For more info on Armadillo Disc Dogs visit

Meet-up Schedule

Meet-ups are held at Wikazri Canine Sports Field.


January 15 3-5

January 22 3-5

February 5 3-5

February 19 3-5

We are still hammering out the details, so watch this space for more info. 

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Flash Classes
Flash classes meet four or fewer times and are tightly focused on a specific training topic. Training topics include both basic training topics to buff your dog's performance and recreational training to give you and your dog a fun, new thing to try together--great for relationship-building!  
Rocking Recalls

This 3-week class focuses on training foundational behaviors for really rocking recalls, AKA coming when called.


Students will learn a framework for leveraging those foundations to train reliable recalls. The class will also play games to jazz up your recall training and your dog's enthusiasm.

Cost: $75

Class Schedule

This class is taught at The Watering Bowl - Austin

Fridays @ 11 am

Starts January 28.

Platform-Training for Focus, Fitness, and Fun

This 3-week class focuses on station training--teaching your dog to love getting on a raised platform or pedestal. Students will learn the framework for training their dogs to send to--and remain on--a platform. Students will also explore how to use platforms for teaching body awareness, maintaining better focus, and for physical conditioning. Students will be able to take a platform home for practice outside of class.

Cost: $75

Class Schedule

This class is taught at The Watering Bowl - Austin

Fridays @ 11 am

Starts February 25.

Flash Dance: Freestyle 1

This 3-week class focuses on training canine freestyle foundation positions and behaviors. We use training props like targets, platforms, and gates to train


  • positions--left heel, right heel, front

  • behaviors--bow, stand, circle handler, and thru to heel.


Students are able to check out equipment for use in at-home practice for the class duration.

Cost: $75

Class Schedule

This class is taught at Wikazri Canine Sports Field.

Saturdays @ noon

Starts January 29.

Flash Dance: Freestyle II

This 3-week class focuses on training foundational freestyle behaviors.

Class training includes


  • using props: gates, custom platforms, and pedestals

  • foundational position: continued from Freestyle I.

  • foundational behaviors: continued from Freestyle I.

NOTE: This is part 2 of a pilot class series on canine freestyle. Content subject to change. Content plan will be locked by 2/14.

Cost: $75

Class Schedule

This class is taught at Wikazri Canine Sports Field.

Saturdays @ noon

Starts March 12.

Disc Dog Foundations
This class meets for 4 weeks with dogs, but there is a one-time people-only orientation that includes an overview of dog discs and toss practice.
This 4-week class focuses on foundational disc dog skills, including bite work, recall games for disc, motivating and rewarding effectively, tosses, and tricks for disc.

Cost: $120 (includes 2 discs)

Class Schedule

This class is taught at Wikazri Canine Sports Field.

Saturdays @ 1:30

People-only orientation to discs and tossing: January 29.

Dog class meetings: February 5, 12, 19, and 26.

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