Training Classes

A note on our newly redesigned dog-training classes—

I recently reworked my general dog training class content, expanding what had previously been a 6-week CGC-prep class into two 6-week classes with a more measured pace. I expanded the content by building in all the cool training that I love and relaxing the schedule so that it is a less pressured, more organic training experience. I also included more fun-for-the-dog-and-human exercises. The result—Good Dog 101 and Good Dog 201. 


These two classes together prepare students to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and to participate in dog sports classes—as well as other advanced training classes—with confidence, body awareness, and better focus.


I’ll continue to offer flash classes, a la Carte classes, and recreational training classes, but I’m so happy about getting started on this new curriculum track! The first class on the schedule will be Good Dog 101, starting May 25th!


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