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Josh Levy

Training Tech, Pet Sitter

Josh is a lifelong dog dad who is currently working towards his CPDT training certification. With experience as a dog walker, pet sitter, assistant trainer and dog park “rufferee”, there’s not much he can’t handle! 

Josh has lived in the Austin area since 2004, and has been working with Laura & Fuzzy Matters since January 2022. He and his dog Yogi were recently unanimously voted into the K9X agility club, and have completed the Fuzzy Matters foundational training classes as well as tricks (level 1) and agility (beginner & intermediate). Josh was also selected to be a member of Matt Beisner’s inaugural M.A.P. mentorship program focusing on the canine/human relationship.

In his “spare time”, Josh is a Grammy Award winning baritone saxophonist and recording artist. A member of Grupo Fantasma since 2006, he can be seen and heard backing various artists worldwide, as well as at home in Austin. 

Josh Levy
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