Dog Training

Canine Good Citizen Class

Our Canine Good Citizen class focuses on basic training and manners. It covers all the elements included in the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, including the following:


  • sit

  • down

  • stay

  • coming when called

  • loose-leash walking

  • polite stranger greeting

  • accepting handling and grooming

  • and self-control around distractions and other dogs. 

There are no pre-requisite training requirements for this class.

We also train dogs to send to- and stay on a station. Station training is useful in and of itself, but we leverage this training for many of the other behaviors we teach in this class. We use Cato Boards and Planks in this class.


Students have the option of buying a class package that includes a Cato Board for an additional $60 so that you can use it for training at home in between classes--our recommendation! We will buy back your Cato board at the end of class if you decide not to keep it. (We love them and know that we will put them to good use for another student!)

Students in the CGC class are provided the opportunity to take the CGC test after the end of this 5-week class. (Cost for one test included in the cost of the class.)


Class + Cato Board = $235

Class without Cato Board = $175

CGC class Schedule

CGC Classes at The Watering Bowl - Austin

Saturdays @ 9:30 am

Starts January 22.

Fridays @ 9:30 am

Starts January 28

CGC Classes at Wikazri Canine Sports Field

Tuesdays @ 10:30 am

Starts February 1.

Recreational Training

We also offer recreational training classes focused exclusively on fun and relationship building. This classes include trick training, canine freestyle, and disc dog. To learn more about this fun classes, visit our Group Classes page.

Private Training Sessions

We offer private basic and pet dog manners training and help clients address common behavior problems. We use relationship-based training and management strategies that are kind to dogs and people to integrate your dog into your family life.


We start with an initial consultation to gather information, understand your and your dog's needs, and work with your dog. We then develop a training strategy that may include additional or regular training sessions.

Private training sessions are $60 and last from 60- 75 minutes. Session time is spent both on training the dog and educating and counseling the owner on sound training and good management.

Reactive and Shy Dogs

We help you to improve your reactive dog's behavior on leash, around other dogs and help you to develop successful management strategies for your reactive dog.

We work with you to build your shy dog's confidence out in the world and with new people. We help you to understand your dog's perspective so that you become their trusted support person as they overcome their fears and worries to become your confident companion.


Yes, we can help you with your pandemic puppy!


We love to work with training and dog sports enthusiasts to troubleshoot and overcome challenges and improve your training mechanics.

Harper lies down inside an agility tunnel with her toy.

Get Started

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To set up a training consultation complete this New Client Form, and we will follow up with you by phone to talk about your training needs and goals.

For info on other fun classes, visit our Trick Training ATX page.

Artie and Simone loose-leash-walk on either side of Melinda.