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Trick Dog 101

This 6-week class covers fun, beginner-friendly dog tricks, guiding students through teaching their dogs a 10-trick repertoire, enabling them to successfully test for and earn the AKC Novice Trick Dog title.

Students teach their dogs tricks the first 4 class meetings, workshop their trick repertoire in week 5, and test for the Novice Trick Dog title in week 6. In addition to tricks, students teach their dogs trick-training building-block behaviors and develop tools they can use going forward to develop new tricks.

Schedule: Saturdays @ noon

Location: Wikazri Canine Sports Field

Prerequisite: Dogs must be able to share space safely with other dogs and people.

Lisa kneels beside her dog bug, holding a treat in front of him.

Your Instructor

Laura Fennell

Laura Fennell
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