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Good Dog 201

This 6-week class synthesizes the foundational training elements from Good Dog 101 to help you and your dog refine behaviors and expand your training and teamwork. Dogs practice skills with more independence and environmental distractions to strengthen their training.


We also train new behaviors: stand, stay, paws up, spin, and go around (an object), and develop your dog’s confidence and physical proprioception with fun training enrichment exercises using training equipment like Klimbs and CATO boards and planks.

Schedule: Thursdays @ 7 PM

Location: Wikazri Canine Sports Field

Prerequisites: Dogs must have successfully completed Good Dog 101 and be able to share space safely with other dogs and people.

Lisa kneels beside her dog bug, holding a treat in front of him.



Start Date

July 13th

Your Instructor

Laura Fennell

Laura Fennell
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