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AKC Fit Dog: Level 1

This class is designed to increase dogs' strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, proprioception, and overall fitness, while teaching students how to safely incorporate physical conditioning into their dogs' lives, while maintaining proper form and safety. This class provides a great physical fitness foundation for those interested in dog sports.

We use a variety of canine fitness equipment: Klimbs, pivot pedestals, balance pads, and cavelettis, to provide a safe, confidence-buildnig, and enriching experience for the dogs.

This class is intended to boost the fitness of healthy dogs. It is not designed for dogs rehabbing from injury or with chronic physical conditions. If you dog is rehabbing from an injury or is chronically ill, you will need to obtain a veterinary release to participate in class.

Students will be evaluated at the last class by the AKC Fit Dog instructor and receive an AKC Fit Dog Certificate upon successful completion. Students who are able to perform 80% of the exercises taught in this class can progress to AKC FIt Dog - Level 2 (coming soon!).

The start date is to be announced. If you are interested in this class and would like to be notified when a start date has been set and the class is open to enrollments, email

Lisa kneels beside her dog bug, holding a treat in front of him.



Start Date

To Be Announced

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Laura Fennell

Laura Fennell
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