A la carte Classes

Do you like ordering a la carte at restaurants?


That's the way these classes are offered:


Sign up to come to the class meeting you want to attend, based on your schedule and the skills you want to train.


No multi-week commitment. Class cost: $25 per meeting.

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Once submitted you will receive instructions on creating a login for the portal, completing student agreements, and creating an info profile for your dog.

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1. Log on to the student portal.

2. Send a message through the portal to tell us which class, on which date, you would like to attend.




I would like to sign up for trick training on 4/5.




I want to attend Canine Good Citizen on 4/19.

(Classes are filled in order of sign-up requests.)

5. You will receive a confirmation and invoice for the class requested--payment reserves your spot in class.

(Pre-purchase classes to skip to automatically reserving a spot in the class you want.)



Canine Good Citizen Class


Are you looking for Dog Training 101? 


This beginner-level class provides training instruction and practice on skills that make for a well-behaved, well-rounded companion. The content includes basic behaviors like sit, down, stay, coming-when-called, and leave-it, as well as life skills like walking on a loose leash, polite people greeting, and more. 


$25 per Class Meeting

Class Schedule:

Saturdays @ 8 am

STARTS April 2nd! Check the April Training Menu for options!

Trick Training

This all-levels trick-training class draws on the Laura's background and interest in dog sports to curate a unique and varied set of training experiences.


The class content and focus changes on a weekly basis and includes classic tricks like give paw and spin to foundational training exercises for more advanced tricks, and classes built around specific themes: like platform training, doggy fitness, and dog-sports foundation-training. 


$25 per Class Meeting

Class Schedule:

Saturdays @ 9 am

STARTS April 2nd! Check the April Training Menu for options!

April Training Menu

This class is taught at The Watering Bowl - Austin

April 2

8 AM Canine Good Citizen

Station training: train your dog to get on, and stay on, and send to a station. This is a great training tool for at-home management and aiding focus in training.

9 AM Trick Training

Platform training: teach your dog to love getting on new objects--a great confidence builder! For this meeting, we will magnetize our dogs to a platform, practice exercises on the platform to improve your dog's hind-end awareness, and introduce your dog to different objects that can be used for stationing behaviors in trick training.

April 9

8 AM Canine Good Citizen

Everybody was Loose-Leash Walking: 

Loose-leash walking work shop to help you with both focused leash walking on a loose leash and the fundamentals of teaching your dog "not to pull."



9 AM Trick Training

Disc Dog Day

Learn the foundations of safe, fun "frisbee" play with your dog. Exercises include bite-work, building motivation, disc exchange, and basic toss and fetch.

April 16

8 AM Canine Good Citizen

Should I stay or should I go? We answer this
age-old question by training both stay and wait, then playing devil's advocate with a little coming-when-called. We will use Cato board in this class meeting to help train these behaviors.


9 AM Trick Training

Strictly Doggy Ballroom

This week is a canine musical sampler class.

April 23

8 AM Canine Good Citizen

Total requests class: We are going to "class source" the topic for this class based on what areas students ask to practice. Let us know what you would like help with!


9 AM Trick Training

It's my birthday (weekend) and we are going to have a Games Day with the Cato Board and other platforms. We will play Floor is Lava, and Placeball. 

April 30

8 AM Canine Good Citizen

To Be Announced


9 AM Trick Training

To Be Announced